World should take strict notice of Indian state-terrorism in occupied Kashmir: Analysts

October 06, 2019

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert):

India has made certain announcements that the curfew in the Held valley has been eased but the situation on the ground is quite different. India is not allowing international media or fact finding mission to enter in Held Kashmir. The international community must come forward to find a way out as the escalation between two nuclear states which has been increasing day by day. Prime Minister Imran Khan has rightly pointed out that if someone crosses the Line of Control to be the part of Kashmir freedom struggle he will do injustice to the indigenous movement of Kashmiris as India will once again blame Pakistan for supporting freedom fighters in the valley. At the time Kashmiri people have been beaten up in detention, beaten up with sticks and cables and excessive force has been used against them. Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir continues to be the largest prison in the world with the heaviest deployment of Indian occupation forces.

Dr. Rizwan Naseer (IR Expert):

The prevailing situation in occupied Kashmir is quite alarming for the international community in particular. Humans rights is the belief that everybody should be treated equally and with dignity but India is continuously violating human rights in the Held Kashmir. Indian lobby is very active and bound in close economic ties with other countries. Imran Khan in his speech at UNGA said that the global community should have the moral courage to stop a possible genocide from taking place in Indian-occupied Kashmir. A US Senator is seeking visa permission to visit Held valley and India denied issuing visa as its policies and atrocities could be exposed in front of the world. It is unfortunate the in the era of globalization, Kashmiris are forced to spend lives under strict curfew for the last 62 days. US President Donald Trump should pressurize India to lift the curfew and bring back normalcy in the valley. Afterwards, pressure should also be mounted on India to revoke its unilateral decision of changing demography of Kashmir valley.

Lt Gen (Retd) Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Defense Analyst):


The time is not far when Kashmiris will get their right to self-determination. Despite deputing large number of army in the Held Kashmir, Indian forces remained failed to suppress the Kashmiris and Kashmiris have not stepped back an inch for their demand of fundamental rights. Hurriyet leadership remains under house arrest, imprisoned and many young Kashmiris have also been apprehended. The use of pellet guns continues in a brutal assault by Indian occupation forces against innocent Kashmiris. Pakistan managed to internationalize Kashmir issue as a result of effective diplomatic efforts. Pakistan needs to take other measures as well to ensure the support of different countries including sole super power the United States. Pakistan should suspend the transit trade with Afghanistan. Pakistan should rely on its allies including China, Turkey, Iran and Russia.

Dr. Khurram Iqbal (IR Expert):

Pakistan diversified its foreign policy after PTI government came into power. The Prime Minister has managed to develop a convergence with the United States over Afghan issue. Pakistan is always of the view that dialogue is the only solution to any problem. If the US does not express sincerity in resolving Kashmir issue then Pakistan has to look for alternate allies including Beijing and Moscow. We expect that the US must reciprocate Pakistan in a meaningful way and force India to resolve long standing Kashmir issue through dialogue with Pakistan. It is also a fact that the US never remained a trusted friend of Pakistan. The international community and international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International need to question Indian assertions of normalcy including the denial of permission to the Indian opposition leaders to visit the held valley.


Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Ikramullah Bhatti (Defense Analyst):

For the last two decades, India remained successful in promoting its narrative that Pakistan is supporting freedom fighters in Held Kashmir. The situation has dramatically changed after Indian’s illegal move of revoking special status of Jammu & Kashmir. The international community has started realizing that it is India that is committing worst human rights violations in Held Kashmir. The statement of Imran Khan is timely that if any Pakistani goes to occupied Kashmir by crossing LoC for supporting Kashmiris then it will provide another opportunity to India for promoting its narrative. The world is now condemning the Indian atrocities and lockdown in Kashmir valley. At this time, any mistake from Pakistan can have implications in promoting India’s narrative.

Altaf Hameed Rao (Kashmiri Journalist):

The international organizations are well-aware of the fact that India is not allowing international media and fact finding mission to enter in Kashmir valley as its policies and brutalities will expose. The Kashmir valley is in worst situation than ever. The US Senator is not allowed to enter in Kashmir whereas he visited Azad Kashmir without any hindrance. Kashmiris are determined to get their right to self-determination by all means. The BJP government thinks that by using greater military force against Kashmiris in the held valley will stop the freedom movement but it’s a misperception of India. Kashmiris resisted India’s occupation by using non-violent methods. Since the international community has become deaf and blind toward the dispute, the Kashmir movement is gaining momentum every day. Kashmiris, who have resisted Indian occupation and brutality for years, have poured into the streets many times for mass protests and lost many lives. The current situation in Jammu and Kashmir is incredibly terrible.

Mir Tahir Masood (Hurriyet Leader):

Now, India cannot do propaganda against Pakistan as international media is highlighting Indian atrocities in Held Kashmir. The US Senator Chris Van Hollen has been denied to visit Occupied Jammu and Kashmir whereas in the case of Pakistan he freely moved in Azad Kashmir. If the Indian government has nothing to hide, it should not worry about observers to visit Kashmir and witness the situation with their own eyes. Even Indian politicians are not allowed to go to Held Kashmir. The international community must come forward and give Kashmiris the right of plebiscite. India is no more a secular country. Indian police lodged an FIR against 49 celebrities who had written an open letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi against the increasing cases of mob lynching in the country. The media should also highlight the aggressive statements of BJP leaders over Kashmir. Pakistan managed to expose real Indian face in front of the world.

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