Women entrepreneurs to get training, interest-free loans

By Khawaja Salman

High Commissioner for UN World Humanity Commission (WHC) Rubina H. Ali said women entrepreneurs of Pakistan can play a dominating role in the social and economic development of the country. Pakistani businesswomen have the potential to lead the country on the emerging global economic scenario if they are provided opportunity.

Rubina H. Ali said this while speaking to the women entrepreneurs led by Samina Fazil, the founder President IWCCI. She said that health, education, peace and promotion of business are the priorities of WHC which are imperative for alleviating poverty. A global expo will be held in Islamabad in August in which 28 countries have been invited to introduce Pakistani products to international buyers and improve the image of the country, she added.

Ms. Ali said that businesswomen would be provided interest-free loans with the help of IWCCI so that they can improve and expand their businesses. We are looking forward to establish the Global Women Business Council with the collaboration of Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry to bring Pakistani women entrepreneurs to the mainstream of the global economy.

Samina Fazil said that IWCCI is open to all the initiatives aimed at empowerment of women. IWCCI is holding business expos, seminars, trade forums, training programmes and taking steps to promote young women entrepreneurs while it has the honour to represent Pakistan at a number of international trade fairs for promoting Pakistani products, she said.

Samina Fazil lauded the move of the government to empower women by introducing new laws. President FPCCI Daroo Khan Achakzai and VP Ijaz Abbasi were also present on the occasion. They lauded the role of IWCCI in social and economic development and assured full cooperation.

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  • July 2, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    Please correct it Riba Free Financing do exist but Riba Free Loan does not. The difference between loan and financing is, the loan is a liability and financing is equity. There is a comprehensive program on small financing technique which has brought revolution in Bangladesh, Thailand, and the Phillipines, it can bring the change in Pakistan too provided it is taken seriously and effectively.


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