What should be the future of Senate after horse-trading?

By Nasir Mahmood

The rejection of no confidence motion to remove the chairman Sadiq Sanjrani has proved necessity to close the Senate being useless, injurious to democratic norms and a den of corruption. Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia commenting on yesterday’s election inquired whether 32 Senators are heavier than 64 Senators? Prima Facie a result of horse-trading.

This is the case of investigation by either Supreme Court of Pakistan or Election Commission of Pakistan to dig out how 32 wins and 64 rejected? A shame on so-called democracy, he said.

“Senate opens the doors of corruption at more than 3 stages; first when the Senators are elected after 3 years, Second stage when Chairman and Deputy Chairman are elected, and Third stage when vote of no confidence is moved and in between there are many occasions for sale,” the senior lawyer said.

Hashmat Habib said the purpose of Senate is only to provide equal representation to each Province but election is on proportionate basis which negate the democracy principle. Senate should be reconstituted either by direct election or by rotation of Provincial Assembly Members in equal numbers to act as Senate Members side by side their responsibility as people’s representative for Provincial Assemblies. In this way we can reduce the burden on exchequer and obtain the purposes of equal representation in law making on the one hand and on the other hand the doors of horse-trading will be closed.

It may be mentioned here that Hasil Bizenjo, the National Party president and the candidate for Senate chairman slot, on Thursday accused the country’s premier spy agency of hijacking the Senate polls by indulging in horse-trading.

The statement of the senior politician came two days after he claimed in a TV show that money can’t be used to buy senators off in the run-up to the election for the post of the Senate chairman. Responding to a question, Bizenjo had said that he had no idea if the government was offering money to the opposition senators in return for a vote to Sadiq Sanjrani.

Talking to a TV channel after the motion was defeated, the NP president alleged that a whopping Rs2 billion had been spent to help Sanjrani remain as the Senate chairman. On the other hand Senator Musadiq Malik of PML-N said the opposition must resign in protest on this


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