WB loan for Karachi transport

Islamabad (News Alert Correspondent)

The board of the World Bank is reported to have approved a loan for transportation system in the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi metropolitan. The city that has had a much inexpensive and better bus transport in late sixties and seventies, has suffered badly.

With an increased population of around 20 million there is no transport system that could be identical to the needs of the people of Karachi.
A system of transport is not there that could be termed as an organised and disciplined. Even the traffic police and the transport officials in ministry are not properly trained or equipped to cater to the needs of biggest city of Pakistan.

Unlike Lahore and Islamabad/Rawalpindi where a two metro bus systems are being operated, one operational between Pindi Saddar to Islamabad Secretariat and the second is under construction, from Islamabad to new Airport costing billions has no parallel in Karachi. People suffer miserably and as such the Sindh government of PPP too is inept with corruption in ranks and files have not been able to deliver.

The World Bank was committing $652 million through three projects to strengthen institutions, municipal services and infrastructure in Karachi, according to a hand out that the local office of the Washington-based lender issued on Friday. The board of directors of the World Bank approved the loan a day earlier.

It is highly regrettable that the green metro elevated and on bus system being developed has not been completed. It seems as if the provincial and federal governments are indifferent of the problems of city of Karachi.

A total priority has been for either Lahore or Islamabad where around one thousand billion rupees were diverted for road transport and orange train. Karachi with available infrastructure for elevated system of bus transport remained not a priority. All other infrastructure like water, sewerage mass transit were equally neglected areas for the PPP government in power for over ten years constantly.

KP Tourism loan

The World Bank also approved another loan of $70 million for improving tourism services in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P).

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