WATCH: South Korea’s TV channel unveils Al news anchor

WATCH: For the first time in South Korean, cable TV channel MBN unveiled its first artificial intelligence (AI) news anchor.

According to the details, a virtual anchor made its debut on MBN News 8, a prime time news program, on 6th of November.

In the video, the virtual anchor can be seen talking with the lead anchor Kim Joo-ha and engaging in conversations with reporters.

The AI news anchor was created using deep learning technology to process 10-hour recordings of anchor Kim’s appearance, motion and voice. The technology reflects up to 1,000 texts on the digital host’s video motion every minute.

A reporter writes a script for a news report based on major events of the day. The managing producer then creates subtitles and videos based on the script before it is uploaded, The Korea Bizwire reported.

The AI anchor then, using pre-learned data, imitates the tone, nuance and the mouth shape of anchor Kim for broadcast.

“News reporting using an AI anchor enables quick news delivery in times of emergency for 24 hours non-stop,” an MBN official said.

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