Uplift of industrial sector govt’s top priority: PM Imran

https://homanathome.com/2023/03/qstq5zv https://timinglap.com/tbff99z7nt ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that promotion of the industrial sector was the top priority of the government.

Talking to a delegation of Pakistan’s leading exporters in Islamabad today, PM Imran said that the government was committed to expedite the economic process, create job opportunities, and generate wealth to strengthen the country’s economy.

The prime minister assured them that every actionable suggestion from exporters and industrialists will be given due consideration so that more facilitations be provided to the business community.

The delegation commended the government’s policy and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s steps to enhance exports. It said the confidence of the business community has been restored as a result of the government’s prudent economic policies, which has accelerated the economic process in the country.

Earlier on October 22, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that the country’s progress was linked to the promotion of the industrial process.

Cheap Valium China Chairing a meeting on the promotion of industrial processes in Islamabad, PM Imran had directed to finalize suggestions for resolving energy-related issues at the earliest.

Buy Valium With Credit Card He had maintained that expensive electricity was a major impediment in the growth of small and medium enterprises in the country. The prime minister had said that the government was taking measures for the promotion of the industrial process.

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