SSGC tightens noose against gas thieves, more than 100 apartments raided

Karachi: SSGC has intensified its campaign against theft of natural gas in its entire franchise areas.  The Customer Relations Department’s Task Force conducted several raids against the culprits involved in gas theft in Karachi in apartment block and areas including Kashan-E- Ismail, Mustafa Arcade, New Kalari and Lyari Agra Taj Colony.

80 culprits were found to be non-gasified and 13 registered customers were involved in direct stealing gas in SSGC pipe line from through rubber pipes. All rubber pipes and fittings used for Illegal extension of gas were removed.

Meanwhile, Larkana Distribution (Theft Control Task Force) detected a number of cases of underground theft and removed clamps in Palyio  Gopang Larkano village where two houses were using gas illegally through clamps.  FIRs are in the process of being lodged in Damrah and Sultankot police stations.  The team also raided Hothi Lakhi Shikarpur village where five houses were found using gas illegally through rubber Clamps.  Similarly, during a raid in Jacobabad villages it was discovered that four houses using gas illegally through overhead rubber pipe.

The anti-theft raiding party also carried our raids in a number of towns in Nawabshah region including Nawabshah city, Sakrand and Qazi Ahmed and killed and removed direct service lines and underground clamps.  A joint action was also taken against dummy meters in Hyderabad Region. Meanwhile, SSGC’s Counter Gas Theft Operations Department, in conjunction with the respresentives of the Company’s Measurement and Sales departments carried out joint load surveys of industrial customers in Karachi.  

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