SSGC Rejects KE’s False Claims

SSGC strongly denies a misleading statement that has been communicated by K-Electric to the media stating that the shortage of gas supply has impacted its power generation, leading to temporary load shedding in many areas of Karachi. 

SSGC would like to bring on record that gas supply to K-Electric has not been reduced rather the gas utility is providing additional 10-15 mmcfd of natural gas to KE. Against KE’s demand of 190 mmcfd, SSGC is providing 210 mmcfd gas on a monthly average basis to the power company, only in the best interest of Karachites who are experiencing scorching heat nowadays.

SSGC  also rejects the baseless claim of KE for supplying low pressure gas to the power utility as it is supplying gas with full pressure to all four power plants of KE. To Bin Qasim Power Plant SSGC is supplying 140 mmcfd at 104 psi, to Korangi Creek Power Plant commonly known as Combine Cycle Plant, SSGC is providing 26 mmcfd gas at 55 psi, to Korangi Industrial Area Power Plant SSGC is supplying 12 mmcfd gas at 35 psi whereas to the SITE Area Sher Shah Power Plant SSGC is providing 14 mmcfd gas at 30 psi.  

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