SSGC face stiff resistance during gas theft raids in Larkana.

Karachi: SSGC’s Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations (SS and CGTO) Department conducted major operations against gas theft on two ice and one mawa sweets factory in Larkana, as part of the Company’s Operation Grift. The ice factories were involved in using gas from distribution pipelines and the mawa unit was using tampered gas. The illegal connections were quickly disconnected and FIRs were lodged against the culprits. The raiding party faced stiff resistance from the local mob while disconnecting the illegal lines yet they went on with their jobs undeterred.
The joint team comprising of SS and CGTO’s Operations and Meter Wings, FIR Cell, Distribution and Customer Relations Department teams was able to capture an ice factory belonging to one Muhammad Azam Khandro in the jurisdiction of PS Badrah in Larkana The factory owner had punctured the main gas supply line to operate the unit by powering 6- cylinder Engine. Total Connected Load was found to be 633 cubic feet per hour (Cft/hr). The culprit had extended approximately 300 to 400 feet of rubber pipe connected to the service valve to power its gas engine. The team confiscated the generator as a case property and removed illegal clamps, connections and rubber pipes.

During the second raid in the jurisdiction of PS Rehmatpur in Larkana, the team discovered that the unregistered customer was using gas directly to power 6-cylinder Engine of 633 Cft/Hr. capacity from nearby distribution line. Illegal clamps, connections, rubber pipes were removed. A Generator, two dynamo and two batteries were confiscated as case properties and transported to PS Rehmatpur. FIR was also been registered.

On the metering front, raids were carried out against the owners of mawa units of Naudero region. Meters of these customers were tested in their presence and were declared tampered earlier this month. In one of the most stiff tasks undertaken in the Larkana region, raiding teams were able to disconnect the gas supply of these customers yet not before facing severe resistance in disconnection activity which they dealt with tactfully. Severe pressure and political influence was also exerted to stop the SSGC teams from lodging FIRs. However, after activating several channels, SSGC teams were able to lodge FIRs against all the customers late in the night.

Meanwhile, in what was yet another case of prosecution success, one M. Shazaib of Malir, Karachi was sent on police remand for direct use of gas from distribution pipelines.

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