Soft Drinks Brands and Environment Issues in Pakistan

Islamabad Report by Dr Abdullah

With hot summer especially in the west and south of Pakistan, Sindh and Southern Punjab in particular, the demand for cold soft drinks has always been unpredictable.

Though there are almost all the leading soft drinks brands are operating, produced and sold to consumers with maximum acceptance for taste and preservatives, the environment gets a continuous threat in almost all the urban and rural areas.

The drinks have always been in demand in northern Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan and other adjoining summer cold areas, however the disposal of the empty bottles has been no problems for environment officials. The consumer believe that it should be the responsibility of the government as well as multi national companies making huge money to go for recycling of the plastic bottles once these are getting emptied. The pollution has been on a very high level in urban centres especially due to carbon emission, use of plastic materials like shopping bags as well as used soft drink bottles.

In recent years the plastic bottles in socalled mineral /drinking water have in abundantly use even in small towns and villages. The cans of waters too are the source of disease and there has been no limit or expiry of these cans and bottles. Use and re-use is common practice.

It has been estimated that around 20 million soft drinks of usually 500 ml are sold simply inn the three hot months of the summer season while in southern parts where almost eight to nine months are in mild to hot, consumer these international brands, namely Pepsi, CocaCola, 7 Up, Mirinda etc and other brands. Previously bottles made of glassware were in common use in the society that has been reduced to a minimum level now and that is mostly due to cost factor.

People in general have called upon the legislatures to come forward and make out a proper human friendly usage of such plastic bottles and cold drinks bottles so that the possible option of recycling or wastage could be undertaken compulsorily.

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