Social Media: Anti Pak activities


Islamabad: (May 24, 2019) As the international agencies are having conserted efforts to destablise Pakistan, local agents either residing in Pakistan or having special interest abroad are seemingly moving fast in achieving their nefarious designs. Thanks to the armed forces and the vigilant people of Pakistan, from Khyber to Karachi, Gawadar to K2, are aligned to the need of the hour and are quite vigilant as who are the forces like Gulalai Ismail, Pashteeni etc with some so-called liberals and progressive in media having their aims to please their masters. The social media conversation, messages exchange and other social gatherings could be evaluated minutely to have a fair idea as who is who and what their ultimately designs could be against the armed forces of Pakistan. The clips here could be seen as quite tangible evidences of the anti-Pakistan activities by this group.

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