Shaheen Air Scam, Director under Arrest

News Desk – July 13, 2020

Karachi : As per registration of case against M/s Shaheen Air International (SAI) on complaint of CAA causing huge loss/Misappropriation to National Exchequer, one of the directors Yawar Sehbai has been arrested.

The Case FIR No.16/2020 has been registered at FIA, Corporate Crime Circle, Karachi. The instant case is an outcome of Enquiry No.80/2018 of FIA, Corporate Crime Circle, Karachi initiated on the basis of written complaint of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Karachi.

During the course of enquiry, it came on record that M/s Shaheen Air International (SAI) had to pay “Flight Operation Charges” to Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) but Kashif Sehbai Chairman; Ehsan Khalid Sehbai CEO; Directors and other Managements of M/s Shaheen Air International (SAI) have defaulted in paying CAA charges and levies from March 2018 till date. The aforementioned Chairman; CEO; Directors and Management of M/s SAI are illegally holding an amount of Rs-1.4 Billion (approximately) plus KIBROR + Surcharge of CAA thus caused huge loss of Rs.1.4 Billion + KIBOR + Surcharge of national exchequer.

During enquiry, FIA approached to Financial Monitoring Unit (FMU) for CTRs/STRs of accused persons. The FMU authorities contacted Canadian Authorities. Later, two accused persons were intercepted by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) carrying cash of CAD-500,000/-. The cash was held by RCMP.

The case has been registered against following accused persons u/s 406 (Criminal Breach of Trust), 489-F (Dishonouring of Cheque), 109 (Abetment), 34 (Common Criminal Intention) PPC r/w section 3 & 4 of AML Act, 2010 (Money Laundering):

Ehsan Khalid Sehbai s/o Khalid Mahmud Sehbai (CNIC No. 9150601428537), CEO/Director, M/s SAI

Kashif Mahmud Sehbai s/o Khalid Mahmud Sehbai (CNIC No. 9150601428523), Director, M/s SAI

Sabrina Kalsoom Sehbai w/d/o Ralph Ossa (CNIC No. 9150601353430), Director, M/s SAI

Javed Karim Sehbai s/o Choudhry Karim Bukhsh Gill (CNIC No. 36502-1381590-9), Director, , M/s SAI

Janet Sehbai w/o Khalid Sehbai (Canadian Passport No. QJ-085128), Director, M/s SAI

Hoshing. P. Sidhwa s/o S.G. Sidhwa (CNIC No. 42301-0717720-7), Director, M/s SAI

Rashida Yasmeen w/o Omar Najjar (CNIC No. 9150601353404), Director, M/s SAI

Yawar Mehmood Sehbai s/o Chaudhry Rashid Mahmood Sehbai (CNIC No. 36502-82109871), Director, M/s SAI

Muhammad Wasiq s/o Tariq Saeed (CNIC No. 35201-1375260-1), Director, M/s SAI & others

Accused Yawar Mehmood Sehbai has been arrested.

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