Reform course: Saudi Arabia ends gender segregation in restaurants and cafés

Zubair Yaqoob – December 10, 2019

Men and women are allowed to enter restaurants and cafés in Saudi Arabia in the future through the same entrance. In the strictly conservative country, the rule was that women and families must use one entrance and men another. The Saudi Ministry of Communities and Rural Affairs announced on Twitter that this rule would now be abolished. The innovation also applies to schools, entertainment centers and rooms used for weddings.

It is still unclear, whether the new rule also affects the prescribed interior layout. So far, men and women are sitting in separate areas in the restaurants and cafés. Al Arabiya reported on Monday that men no longer had to sit in separate areas from where they could not see the women. However, the ministry did not respond such changes.

“Men no longer had to sit in separate areas from where they could not see the women in the restaurants and cafés in Saudi Arabia”

In Saudi Arabia, strict regulations apply to many areas of public life. Some rules of everyday life have recently been relaxed. For example, women are now allowed to book hotel rooms, have a passport and travel abroad without the permission of a man. Women are allowed to drive. However, the system of a male guardian continues to exist for many areas of life.

Despite the social relaxations for which Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is responsible, some western media blamed that the kingdom is acting with extreme severity against human rights defenders.

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