Qatar to act as Guarantor: PM seen optimist

Will Nawaz pay USD 50 B

Islamabad/London by Dr Abdulllah & Majid Ajmi

As the Friend of All (Oppostion and the Government) proceeded back to Doha, inernational circles
are buzzing with a highly “clandestine negotiatiions” held between the old friend of MNS family and
Amir of Qatar HRH Tamim bin Hammad Al-Thani. Though the investment from Qatari Amir is now raching at a sizeable level of 9 billion dollar, he supported an ammount of 3 billion for the foreign exchange kitty of Pakistan that was otherwise under pressing need of foreign exchange for almost one year now for which Imran Khan and his government have been desparately struggling to manage the economy and foreign exchange reserves. The well placed sources do understand the role of army chief in arranging financial comfort from Saudi Arabia in recent past.
Prime Minsiter Imran Khan and Amir of Nawaz, Saifur Rehman and Amir of Qatar (File photo)Qatar HRH Tameem Al-Thani are reported to have
expected to reach an understanding on the question of a possible
accord for facilitating Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, now in Lahore Jail
under the charges of money laundering and corruption. It is not a speculative one the sources said that there has been a series of serious negotiations for months now that are closely reaching to ultimate and logical conclusion. The facilitation would certainly entertain the legal cover from NAB plea bargain provision that has helped to all those who have had faced NAB and struck various deals in the past under this very proposition.
Highly placed sources in London are of the considered assessment and evaluation that it was a well worded and negotiated deal that would provide a comfort zone and win win situation for both the sides. However the members of the family who would be living abroad are to be looked into however the major aspect dominated the talks encircled the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif who is the central figure in all the chess game. The talks were already under way in different weeks and months in recent past. The Amir of Qatar who has had good relations with the family of former prime minister was very keenly pursuing the talks with Imran Khan for the possible release of Sharif, sources indicated saying the payment would not be direct rather indirect where the Amir of Qatar would stand as a guarantor and in phases not in one go, the sources further hinted out. The amount is still be kept under tight survelience however being indicated to be around fifty billion dollars or higher. On a question as this deal would destroy the political career of MNS, the sources said presently Pakistan needs foreign currency under the anti corruption drive and it would be a great victory of Imran Khan under any circumstances.
Well placed sources in UK also hinted that role of Ex-Senator Saifur Rehman is stated to be a stronger one in getting the engagement of Amir of Qatar and his government in this possible accord for refunding of ill gotton money from the family of Nawaz Sharif to national exchequer.

2 thoughts on “Qatar to act as Guarantor: PM seen optimist

  • June 25, 2019 at 10:03 am

    Behind this gesture of lending US $ 3 Billion or the US $ 9 Billion, a safe passage for Mr. Nawaz Sharif? It is in the air that Mr. Sahrif willing to pay the plea bargain demand from NAB but not admitting his act but through third-party payment with different reason. The money will arrive in Pakistan treasury as soft loan which will be right-off during two to three years. After five years Mr. Sharif will again arrive on the Pakistan soil claiming himself innocent and victimized by this government. Such attacks are normally acting to damage democracy according to PPP and PML-N

  • June 26, 2019 at 3:46 am

    We can only give news, about miserable situation in Kashmir.


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