Prime Minister of Pakistan warns of war with India on Kashmir

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned of a war between his country and India.

Imran Khan said during a debate in parliament that a war could be waged between the two countries if the situation in Kashmir, disputed between the two countries, continues to deteriorate.

Khan stressed in a speech to the joint session of parliament on Tuesday that this will be a war that no one will win and its repercussions will be global, expressing his fear that there will be ethnic cleansing of the region.

The move by India on Monday to cancel the status of self-rule granted to the Indian part of the region in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Constitution to restore the atmosphere of tension between New Delhi and Islamabad.

For its part, Pakistan strongly condemned this resolution likely to provoke violent reactions in the region, and asked the United Nations fact-finding mission, to assess the situation in the disputed territory.

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