President urges int’l community to recognize state terrorism that India is perpetrating in Occupied Kashmir

Zahid/Zunera – October 05, 2019


President Arif Alvi has urged the world community to recognize the state terrorism that India is perpetrating in occupied Kashmir and against its minorities.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan, he said the world cannot act as a silent spectator on the situation in occupied Kashmir.

The President said there is a great resentment in occupied Kashmir against the Indian illegal actions and the Indian authorities will see the reaction once it lifts the curfew.

President Arif Alvi reiterated Pakistan’s demand for immediate lifting of curfew and communication blackout in occupied Kashmir. He said the media should be allowed to visit the valley to ascertain the facts. He also asked the Kashmiri people to send out the images of the Indian oppression. Kashmiris should not lose hope as God Almighty will steer them out of this trial.

He said the ugly and evil face of India stands exposed before the world with the kind of atrocities it has committed against the innocent Kashmiri people.  He said New Delhi is not left with any argument or logic today.

He said India has been using pellet guns against the Muslim population of occupied Kashmir over the last four or five years. Paying tributes to the sacrifices of Kashmiri people, President Arif Alvi said the Kashmiris have rendered one hundred thousand lives in their just struggle for right to self-determination. He was confident that Kashmiris will continue to raise voice for their freedom till they get their right to self-determination.

The President said Pakistan will always stand by their Kashmiri brethren in this just struggle. He said Pakistan has always raised Kashmir dispute at all the international fora.  He said there are strong bonds between Pakistanis and Kashmiris and their hearts beat together.

Responding to a question about Pakistan’s efforts to highlight the plight of Kashmiri people, the President said Prime Minister Imran Khan has proved himself as a true ambassador of the oppressed people. He said the Prime Minister forcefully and eloquently presented the Kashmir case at the UN General Assembly and unmasked the extremist face of India. He said his speech was also reflective of the aspirations of entire Muslim Ummah. He noted that this speech of the Prime Minister will always hold a distinguished place in the history of Kashmir and Muslims.

He said the strong voice raised by Pakistan in support of its Kashmiri brethren is now resonating and will have its impact on the world community. He said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed have also voiced their concerns on the situation in occupied Kashmir.

He thanked China, Turkey, Malaysia and other countries who supported the stance of Pakistan on Kashmir.

President Arif Alvi noted that India has taken the illegal and immoral step by revoking the special status of occupied Kashmir.   He said India cannot change the demographic composition of occupied Kashmir and cannot convert Muslim majority there into minority. This has not happened in Palestine or anywhere else.

He pointed out that there are eleven UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir and resolution of this festering dispute only lies in the aspirations of Kashmiri people.

The President said the US President Donald Trump has repeatedly offered mediation but India is not ready for it.  He said if India is not ready for mediation, then it should sit with Pakistan and Kashmiris for the resolution of the dispute.

Alluding to the maltreatment being meted out to minorities in India, the President said it was on the streets of Delhi that the blood of three thousand Sikhs was spilled. The same massacre was committed against Muslims in Gujarat, after which Modi was not getting the world visas. He said other minorities are also faced with the worst kind of situation in India.  He said India, not satisfied with its history, is promoting Hindutva. Today’s India is not that of Gandhi or secular one.

The President said the stature of Pakistan has elevated over the last one year due to its present leadership.  He noted that the voice of Kashmiris will also get strength with the increase of Pakistan’s clout in the world.

The President also congratulated Radio Pakistan for effectively raising the plight of oppressed Kashmiri people and the Indian atrocities.

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