Secretary Petroleum dismisses PM’s order

Islamabad: (Exclusive By Dr M. Abdullah)

The conflict of interest theory was sermonised time and again by the prime minister and urged the officials to be transparent in appointments and other service affair, however gross irregularities are blatantly found in Federal Ministry of Petroleum. This time federal secretary appoints his cousins and also one who was dismissed by the PTI government.

The federal secretary petroleum is visibly found very strong, stronger than the Prime Minister Imran Khan in the Pakistan Petroleum Limited affairs where the board of directors has been re-constituted by Federal Secretary. He not appointed one member of board who was dismissed from service in October 2018 along with many other top officials. Ms Tahira Raza was previously serving as President of First Women Bank Limited when she was sacked from service on account of irregularities by the then government (PMLN). She has been appointed, being a blue eyed, as member Board of Directors of listed company PPL. Who is the official calling the shot s, it not less than the secretary of ministry of petroleum.

He committed another gross irregularity by appointing his close friends and closely related. These two are Mian Mohsin Hameeduddin and Mian Imtiazuddin. These two are cousins.

Prime Minister Imran the other day reiterated his firm commitment for transparency in government affairs asking the government officials not to get indulge in malpractices especially in department s in public sector. The secretary Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division) in his notification of June 3, 2019 addressed to company secretary Pakistan Petroleum Limited Karachi says that the federal government is pleased to appoint and approve restructuring of the board of directors with Shamsul Islam as chairman and other directors include Tahir Raza, Balakh Sher Marri, Mian Imtiazuddin, Abid Sattar, Mian Mohsin Hameeduddin, Secretary Energy, Additiional Secretary (A), Joint Secretary (A/CA) and MD PPL as members.

The powerful civil bureaucracy has not been changed. Nor their conduct and behaviour has changed or been modified in the given state of affairs where the Pakistan Tehrik –e-Insaf projected the cause of justice in its meetings and manifesto. However it is all in contradiction to the laid down policy of the prime minister, informed sources said.

It is recalled that the cabinet approved removal of nine top officials in October 2018 from regulatory bodies, public sector banks and other government organisations after Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered their exclusion from key positions claim they were illegally appointed@ by former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. Main media carried this order through its story to be read as ( HYPERLINK “” ).

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