Police recover more stocks of stolen medicines from graveyard in Larkana

Web Desk – June 24, 2020

LARKANA: After seizing medicines from private go-downs and a house, Sindh police officials have recovered more stocks of stolen medicines from a graveyard.

More stocks of medicines stolen from the government hospitals were recovered from a graveyard situated near Dargah Qaim Shah area of Larkana.

According to police officials, 26 cartons containing different medicines were recovered from the graveyard as the investigation was initiated after recovery of government medicines worth Rs20 million from two private go-downs in the city.

The recovery was made after the police officials summoned few staff members of Larkana’s Chandka Hospital for questioning over being spotted by three accused persons who are currently in the custody of the law enforcers.

The criminals have seemingly thrown the stocks of medicines in the graveyard over the fear of being arrested, said police.

Earlier on June 21, Police had claimed to recover a huge quantity of medicines stolen from government hospitals in a raid at a house in Larkana.

The police on a tip-off conducted a raid at a house in Murad Wahan neighbourhood of Larkana and recovered several cartons filled with government medicines which had stamps of ‘Government of Sindh’ and ‘not for sale’, police officials said.

House owner, Saddam Unar fled from the scene after the police raid on his house.

On June 18, a huge quantity of stolen medicines of government hospitals had been recovered from a private godown in Larkana during a police raid.

Sources said that taking action on a tip-off, the police had conducted a raid at a godown in Ahsan colony area of Larkana and recovered hundreds of cartons filled with government medicines.

The police officials had also arrested a suspected from the godown, the sources added. The police officials have also apprehended an owner of a private medical store in connection with the scam.

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