PIA finds 466 fake degree holders working at airline

APP – January 22, 2020

ISLAMABAD:  The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has identified 466 employees with fake degrees and educational certificates working at the airline since the last five years.

The Ministry of Aviation gave a detailed list of the employees to the Senate Secretariat along with information about the action taken against the fake degree holders.

The ministry told the Senate that PIA was devising a policy for an early verification of credentials during the probationary period of employees, and that they would only be confirmed after the verification of their educational documents.

The ministry added that any person found with a fake degree would not be able to escape from their liability as the submission of fake degree was an offence under the law.

According to the PIA management, everything regarding the matter had been done strictly in accordance with the law and judgments of the Supreme Court.

There was no policy regarding verification of educational documents within 90 days from the date of initial appointment at the airline prior to the incident.

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