Pakistan who flew for Saudi Arabia land in Kenya capital

Web Desk – August 25, 2021

The Pakistani passengers have departed for Saudi Arabia via a connecting flight of a private airline, Kenya Airways, however, they got stuck in Nairobi after the Riyadh authorities rejected the entry of the Pakistanis under the COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs).

It was learnt that more than 100 passengers have been quarantined in Nairobi for 14 days. The passengers had earlier reached Dubai through the flight from where they have to depart for Saudi Arabia.

Following the Covid-related SOPs, the Pakistani passengers have not been given permission to enter the country. Later, the flight took the passengers to the Nairobi airport. It emerged that the nationals were left unattended in Nairobi and they demanded the government to provide assistance to them.

The passengers including many travelling with their families faced trouble due to the wrong strategy of the travel agent, whereas, the nationals were given residence in the same hall for completing their quarantine period in Nairobi.

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