Pakistan Economic Highlights

By Prof Dr Abdul Jabbar Khan – Islamabad

Pakistan Economic Highlights USD moves higher. *Being traded at 148 rupees. Just after Pak-IMF agreement this is sharp and quick effect. *Stock market goes under pressure by 700 points. *The State Bank of Pakistan will announce new interest rate on Monday. Pressure to continue and likely rate are going to be higher. *Informed sources apprehend unparalleled state of macro-economic situation in Pakistan in weeks to come . * US threats to Iran, a war scenario will result in more prices of petroleum products in near future. * People of Pakistan should get ready for higher inflation, heading to hyper inflation if the present policies continue. *Trade imbalance will be another threatening proposition.

2 thoughts on “Pakistan Economic Highlights

  • May 16, 2019 at 9:16 am

    Absolutely. Pakistan is facing economic challenges. Heading to crisis. A very well information through this digital daily.


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