PAKISTAN Economic Crisis ….

PAKISTAN Economic Crisis … Post Pak-IMF Accord Scenario. US$ Interbank 149/150 ..
Stock market crashed ..
In just two days our debt has increased by 6 billion dollars about the same amount which we will be taking as loan from IMF in next three years ..
Very painful days ahead .. Entire team is held responsible including the Imran Khan’s Economic Advisory Committee. A classic failure. Panic grips in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad urban centres markets, especially in the current month of Ramadan. Mere 2 billion rupees subsidy and that too through very limited utility stores across. There are no measures in sight. Pakistan needs Neuro-Economists approach to have SOD triggers to address prices, inflation, rising socio-economic pressures. More to follow.


Analysis By Prof Dr Abdul Jabbar Khan (Neuro-Economist/ Researcher) Islamabad .

It goes without saying that richest pay the most of 80 percent of Pakistan tax revenue. Rest is avoidance and evasion. But in whose connivance or collusion. People know well all has been do n e in past around forty years where CBR officers earned billions on yearly basis. Not a single CBR/FBR member, collector or commissioner was ever taken to task. NAB -would never give a hand to such a powerful corruption bureaucracy in taxation division, all from Karachi to every collectors in upper region.


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