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Pakistan begins monitoring of traffic violations at motorways, highways via drones – Newsalertlive

Pakistan begins monitoring of traffic violations at motorways, highways via drones

KARACHI: The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) Wednesday launched drone technology to conduct road patrolling and traffic monitoring.

As per details, the Motorway Police have purchased drones and started using drone technology to check violations of traffic rules along main highways and keep a check on traffic movement.

The traffic movement will be monitored from the M9 motorway via drone technology, according to the motorway official.

The initiative is a part of a 5-year vision that includes the drive to modernize the National Highways and Motorways Police.

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Drone surveillance offers an easier, faster, and cheaper technique to patrol the highways especially the difficult-to-reach areas. Drones can also cover large areas, dramatically reducing staff numbers and costs.

According to a motorway official, the trial operation of drone technology to patrol motorways, highways was launched last month.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan this week had approved the establishment of Civil Drone Authority in order to use the technology for commercial, research, agricultural and other peaceful purposes.

PM Khan observed that the authority will be instrumental in the promotion and domestic production of the critical technology besides filling the existing vacuum due to the non-availability of law to regulate the important sector.

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