Over 2,300 Kashmiri women martyred, 11,246 molested by Indian troops since 1989

Islamabad – November 25, 2021

(KMS): The world is observing the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, today, while women in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir continue to be haunted by fear, insecurity, agony, mourning and howls of pain inflicted by occupying India.

According to an analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service, India has designed its own legal license to target the sanctity and dignity of Kashmiri women.

Particularly after August 5, 2019, the BJP’s goons now have legal cover to openly pursue their evil agenda by passing derogatory remarks about Kashmiri women while ignoring their human and religious rights.

As per the KMS report, over 2,347 women had been martyred and 11,246 molested by the Indian troops in the occupied territory since 1989. Indian state terrorism has rendered 22,939 Kashmiri women widowed in the past 33 years. The report deplored that India was using molestation of women as a weapon of war in the occupied territory.

India is using molestation of women as a weapon of war in IIOJK, the report said and added Kashmiri women are mentally tortured through enforced disappearances of their loved ones.

Indian troops are routinely subjecting Kashmiri women to sexual harassment to humiliate Kashmiris

Global rights bodies need to come forward to as Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir is overflowing with the blood of the innocent, who hope that their voices will finally reach the international community and spur them into action to restrict India from committing such heinous crimes against Kashmiri women, the report said.

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