Orphan Karachi

Karachi News Alert: The business leaders have expressed their total dismay over the disaster Karachi has met following moderate rains. The apex business body FPCCI Vice President Waheed Ahmed and others have called upon central government to intervene. Despite forcast and an early warning well ahead of time about the heavy rainfall in Karachi ,

no arrangements were made by the local government except “lips service”and what disastrous situation, the citizens of Karachi are obseving was very much expected. The electricity was also cut for the entire city which caused much inconvenience for the already troubled civilians he said. There seems to be no government in the province of Sindh, and Karachi which generates 65 percent revenue for the Federal Govt and 85 percent revenue for the Sindh Govt is left like an orphan in such a deep crises. Instead of saving Karachi from this alarming situation , the Provisional & Federal governments are just “killing time” in blame game while the city is sinking and engulfed with water all around.

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