NYT calls upon UN to oppose Modi’s brutal Occupied Kashmir clampdown

NNR/Abid – October 04, 2019

A prestigious American newspaper, New York Times, has called upon UN Security Council to make clear that it opposes Indian Prime Minster Nerendera Modi’s brutal tightening of control on Occupied] Kashmir.

In an editorial, NYT said Modi, who did not address the issue in his UN speech, said at a Houston gathering earlier that his IOK move meant people there have got equal rights with other Indians now.

It further said United Nations’ lack of resolve is a sad sign of the dysfunction in international diplomacy as American leadership declines and divisions among world powers grow.

The NYT said Indian prime minister could avoid disaster by lifting the siege, relaxing movement across the border between zones of the Kashmiri region that are held by India and Pakistan, releasing political prisoners and allowing independent investigators to look into alleged human rights abuses.

Perhaps India’s Supreme Court, responding to various legal petitions, could even order him to reinstitute autonomy.

The New York Times referred to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech at the UN General Assembly in which he implored members to persuade India to lift its siege of Kashmir because failure to do so could result in a war between the neighbours.

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