Namibia’s president wins second term

Hage Geingob wins 56% of vote

Ekip – December 01, 2019

James Tasamba

KIGALI, Rwanda (Anadolu) – Namibia’s incumbent president won the presidential election conducted earlier this week, the electoral commission announced Saturday.

“President Hage Geingob has been re-elected as president, having obtained 56.3% of the votes,” said Electoral Commission chairman Notemba Tjipueja.

Geingob scooped up 464, 703 votes to win a second term, according to the commission while his closest challenger, Panduleni Itula, received 29% of the vote,

“I wish to thank Namibians for re-electing me as their president,” Geingob tweeted.

The 78-year-old leader of the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) that liberated the country, has enjoyed support for three decades.

The results, however, reflected a sharp decrease in support for Geingob from the 87% garnered in elections in 2014.

Analysts attributed the decline to citizen frustration about corruption scandals and youth unemployment.

Critics also accuse Geingob of over spending by creating many Cabinet positions in his government.

“I am humbled and commit to serve the Namibian nation with more passion and utmost dedication, to bring tangible improvements in the lives of our citizens. I have heard you,” Geingob added.

The tightly contested election attracted 11 contenders.

SWAPO has been in power since independence from South Africa in 1990.

The Swapo Party won with 66% of the vote in the National Assembly while the Popular Democratic Movement gained seats with 15%.

The ruling party results translates into 63 parliamentary seats, according to the election commission, down 14 seats from the 77 the party obtained in 2014.

At least 1.3 million people registered to elect the president and parliament that will govern the Southern African nation for the next five years.

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