MNAs are not slaves, Article 63A is unconstitutional: Hashmat Habib

By Nasir Mahmood
March 28, 2022

Karachi: MNA’s are neither slaves nor dog collar of a parliamentary party, they are chosen representatives of people having authority to exercise Almighty Allah sovereignty within limits prescribed by Him as a sacred trust. Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia said.  Veteran lawyer viewed upheaval created by government opposition regarding a vote of no confidence. He said Article 63A of Constitution to disqualify a member for defection is unconstitutional and against preamble that sovereignty over entire Universe belongs to Almighty Allah alone. He said although Article 63A is unconstitutional anyhow it is enforced and no member can be declared defected from political party if he votes or abstains from voting in house contrary to direction of parliamentary party. Therefore, process of voting or otherwise cannot be interfered with by anyone including judiciary.

Hashmat Habib said Article 63A was substituted by Constitutional 18th (amendment) Act 2010 obviously it was provided to make chosen representatives of people as slaves of their party under threat of defection treating them dog collared which is absolutely against spirit of Constitution and authority of Almighty Allah.  Hashmat said this article should be omitted forthwith and in case of floor-crossing people of Pakistan will punish such members who are involved in horse-trading and acting against limits prescribed by Almighty Allah. W. Churchill had crossed floor once but continued as PM of England.

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