Met Office forecast another spell of Heatwave for Karachi

KARACHI: The Met Office has warned of a spell of heatwave in upcoming six to eight days in Karachi and other parts of Sindh.

Pakistan Meteorological Department in an alert said that high pressure area formed over central Asia inducing wind flow from North to Northwest over Sindh including Karachi.

Heatwave condition is likely to prevail over Karachi and other areas of Sindh during next 6-8 days with Day Temperatures rising to 40-42 ºCelsius under the influence of this weather condition, the weather department said.

The wind flow mainly be from North to Northwest during the period, met office said.

The PMD has advised concerned authorities to take necessary measures for these weather conditions.

The weather department has also advised people to take precautions and avoid open sun exposure during peak heat hours, i.e. between 11-00 AM to 04-00 PM.

A severe heat wave struck Karachi and other parts of Sindh in June 2015. It caused the deaths of about 2,000 people from dehydration and heat stroke.

Medical experts advise citizens to avoid unnecessarily leaving homes in extreme sunlight and hot weather.

If you have no other alternative but to venture outside to run an errand, try to wear a hat and sunglasses. A hat is the best form of head covering which not only protects your head and scalp from the heat but also your brows.

Measures that can be taken to avoid a heatstroke. ─ LEAD Pakistan/File
Measures that can be taken to avoid a heatstroke. ─ LEAD Pakistan/File

It was also advised to provide immediate initial medical treatment to the affected person of heatstroke by pouring cold water after lying him to a shaded place before taking to a hospital.

Precautions that can be taken

According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), those living in urban areas are more prone to being affected by the heatwave as urban centres tend to become heat islands. In 2015, 65,000 people were treated at 50 rehabilitating centres in Karachi’s most affected ─ and densely populated ─ areas.

Making some small changes and taking precautions like avoiding heavy meals and strenuous activity during the hottest hours can help the body better handle the high temperatures.

Hydration and running hands under cool water frequently also helps in lowering body temperature.

Wearing clothes made from breathable fabric enables the body to cool down.

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