Lock down heads to starvation

Newsalert Brief
March 25, 2020

Karachi: The lockdowns meant to restrict public movement. It could not be managed in Karachi and other major centres. People are not accustomed to it.

Unemployment and critically poverty level are causing them to stay on roads. Welfare organizations bring food or other items. In Karachi some one bring some money to distribute to the poor. What was an ultimate scene could be seen and assess where society is headed to. Could it be managed by SI DG government with the help of army, ranger’s and police or something worse is going to happen.

There are every indication that the public at large would not be controlled to stay in their houses. Small or slum habitat will have no alternative but to come o streets.

Social distance s not manageable among poorest people and the dangers are that not only the coronavirus spread may get worsening added with food shortage for hunger. Ultimate scenario is that the PM and his federal government will have to interfere in Sindh province as huge population and unemployed youths are not likely to be managed. The real danger is ahead.



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