Largest Exporters, China leads

Special Report by Newsalertlive
October 18, 2020

The country that was much below in exports ranking globally has topped the World now. It is China. The USA that for decades occupying No. 1 position was forced to decelerate to second and third level.

Surprisingly Germany possessed its 3rd ranking while miraculously China moved high in the list and now reached as a top exporter in the World.
Japan too has shown a stable position competing with Germany in pre unification and post unification of 1989.

United Kingdom and France too were found having 4th and 5th biggest export earners in 70s but now the new millennium and current two decades of new century have demonstrated leap forward in case of China followed by USA, Germany, Japan and most of European countries.

The Royal Ranking has worked on data and produced interesting graphical depiction.

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