Kashmir questions the suspicious silence of leadership in Pakistan

By Nasir Mahmood

Syed Ali Geelani (@sageelani), the veteran leader of Indian occupied Kashmir in his tweet dated 3rd August had warned that: “This tweet must be taken as an SOS (Save Our Souls) message to all Muslims living on this planet. If we all die and you kept quite you will be answerable to Allah the Magnificent. Indians are about to launch the biggest genocide in the history of Mankind. May Allah protect us,” he added.

But none of the leaders in Muslim world on the planet responded or attempted to rescue the helpless people in Kashmir. This is shameful act especially on the part of leaders in Pakistan and its establishment who did nothing but a mere lip service only. Hashmat Habib President Tehreek e Tahafuz e Adlia and Founder Secretary General Amnesty International Pakistan said while commenting on current state of affairs. Only Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had shared his concerns over the situation and assured Pakistan of Turkey’s steadfast support in this regard.

The result is that; Kashmir’s streets are empty amid heavy security days before Eid-al-Adha, Curfew imposed, no celebrations, no wishes and no sacrificial of sheep and goats in Kashmir. All the shops were closed and communications blocked. The number of Indian armed security forces and local police outnumbered the population. Srinagar, the main city in Kashmir, was paralyzed after the dramatic declaration issued by the Indian government on 5 August, which stripped the region of self-rule and divided into two, the senior lawyer added.

Meanwhile, a female member of Azad Kashmir Assembly, Nasima Wani has also urged the Pakistan armed forces to come forward and rescue her motherland from Indian ethnic cleansing in held valley. In latest interview to a TV channel the lady in tears said that there were three parties of Kashmir dispute; India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir. If India could decide to infiltrate through his military by taking a unilateral step without consulting other two parties and start killing innocent people for ulterior motives, then why not the other party could take such measures, she said.

Nasima Wani further stated that in this case if the world countries are not capable to stop India, how they could force Pakistan? What is the justification for them to interfere in this regard? Hence, in my opinion Pakistan armed forces should have also been there. This is the situation of now or never. What they are waiting for and when their time will come to enter? She asked.

Our Prime Minister always quotes “Riyast Madina”; doesn’t he know what was done by “Riyast Madina” in such circumstances? They taught us that majority or minority of the fighting forces does not matter. The real thing is your ‘Iman’ and spirit to fight for implementing the rule of Allah; and help your brethrens. This is the stage where all Indian atrocities and violations of human rights have crossed their limits. We have already witnessed the world’s unconsciousness since last 70 years. We are dejected now; Muslim countries have also ignored us with criminal gesture, they are impotent. They understand only the words of powerful not the powerless, the female parliamentarian added.

Being a Kashmiri; I have all my expectations attached with people and armed forces of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. Being a daughter of this motherland I am crying for the forces of Pakistan to come out of slumber and enter the occupied valley to help Muslim brothers and sisters, if not now then for what they were waiting for? Nasima Wani questioned

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