Karachi is ruled by criminals, robbers

Karachi – Karachi metropolitan city goes in unreported crime cases as robbers and favours rule in any of the metropolitan areas. Getting close to Eid day on Monday evening, near Qayumabad furniture market, close to Malir river ramp on Korangi Road at least eight robbers carrying guns, riding on 125 cc bikes found a fun and made lacs of rupees, snatched cell phones and cash carried by victims.

They stopped cars, looted on gun point and safely kept on loot for minutes safely and fled squarely. They in around ten minutes time were not intercepted by any police personnel. Not even any citizen challenged these robbers who openly waived guns and forced vehicles to halt and get robbed.

Even in centre of Malir river as usual police mobile vehicle was not in place. Few reported incident with CPLC while no other bothered to file a report or a complaint.

It was all free in many other areas. Rangers having a good job for patrolling the streets, yet police being mainly responsible for law and order was today mostly detailed in a religious procession security. In the last days of Ramzan Kareem every possibility is there when robbers will have this happy business of loot and robbing innocent civilians.

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