India HC propagates against Pakistan

Islamabad (N A Correspondent)
It was an Iftar dinner at Serena hotel Islamabad the other day. Indian High commission organised and invited guests. They participated and no one turned back. It was turned a diplomatic war of words by the Indian High Commissioner and then his government of Delhi. Indian government turned in a critical fashion and called the government of Pakistan as against the diplomatic norms. Behavior of Pakistani agencies was not good and guests were stopped. The question is not that. It is the media as well as the government of India who made a festivity to an hostile event. Parking arrangements were the issue as the guest did not manage their cars in a disciplined and just wanted to get in to the hotel for Iftar. The traffic and police asked the guest to do it first as it may create some problem in smooth motion of traffic.
The Indian commission issued a statement and then the Delhi government termed the matter as a negative behaviour of the security agencies. The NDTV propagated the event and called that the Pakistan has not been positive towards bilateral relations recalled that only past week Pakistani high commission in Delhi arranged an Iftar and the Delhi administration did not obstruct the movement of its guests. It may be mentioned here that the participants in Islamabad Iftar did not see anything wrong that has been propagated by Indian High Commissioner Mr Bisaria. He called it as an act of intimidation by police. He said that the Prime Minister and the President were also invited to the Iftar but they did not turned up.

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