‘In direction of public-friendly police’, IGP announces measures


By Naimatullah Bukhari

Karachi; Sindh Police in principle has planned to detail police officials in areas of their respective domiciles.
In this connection Kaleem Imam, Inspector General of Police announced that Sindh Reserve Police would be integrated into regular services.
However around 884 Reserves personnel would be kept in parts of Sindh as Anti Riots Force.
During a briefing to journalists on Monday, he said that these measures would help building close coordination of people with their respective areas’ police officials.
A friendly-like relation would benefit public-police ties.
Around 2,477 Reserve Police personnel would now serve in regular services of police department in their respective domiciled areas.
Since there has been confirmed reports that on political ground in past, police remained un-friendly to public while ‘stand-servant’, to rulers and powerful mafias.
While transfer and posting of such officials would not have any effect on their seniority.
In addition, physically challenged personnel would also be detailed in their respective domiciled areas.

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