Imran Khan not empowered to withdraw facilities from Nawaz Sharif – Hashmat Habib

By Nasir Mahmood

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek e Tahafuz e Adlia has condemned the unlawful statement made by Prime Minister (s) Imran Khan in US and acted upon by jail officials. He said that Imran Khan is not empowered to withdraw facilities from Nawaz Sharif’s Cell as governed by Prison Rules being exclusive domain of jail authorities.

The senior lawyer said that under Rule 244 in case convicting Court omits to classify convicted prisoners for better class treatment. Superintendent of prison may classify as B class prisoner and refer it to Govt. for its approval. Hashmat Habib said under Rule 245 A class or B class can be given depending on social and financial status of family, profession of convict or UTP their income and academic qualification even condemned prisoners (death penalty) governed by these rules.

Hashmat Habib further said Muhammad Nawaz Sharif entitled for superior class and accordingly facility of AC and TV were provided and same was never abused. He said that rule of law prevails and Imran Khan’s order or desire to withdraw facilities is illegal. The convicts are sentenced for reform not persecution. Their liberties are snatched not status to humiliate, he added.

Meanwhile, leader of the opposition in National Assembly and Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) President Shahbaz Sharif warned the government against removing air-conditioner (AC) from the jail cell of Nawaz Sharif. He said it would be a direct attempt on the life of 3-time prime minister of the country, and also a clear violation of the medical board of the Punjab government, which had recommended a controlled temperature in the cell of Nawaz Sharif to prevent dehydration and further damage to his renal function.

He expressed these concerns in a letter, written to the chief secretary Punjab, citing report that referred to a letter to the IG prisons dated July 17, ordering removal of AC from Nawaz Sharif’s room. Shahbaz said: “The letter coerces the said officer to remove the facility of air-conditioning from Nawaz Sharif’s cell. May I remind you of the report of the medical board, constituted by the Punjab government, which, in its first recommendation, asked for comfortable room temperature to prevent dehydration and possible deterioration of renal function.”

Shahbaz said he was appalled at the callousness depicted by the Home Department for ignoring the important point mentioned in the board’s recommendations and the dangers it would cause to Nawaz Sharif’s precarious health. “This is blatant attempt on his life, shrouded in procedural vagueness, which reeks of political vendetta as the letter cites the prime minister’s wishes as the motive of the said correspondence,” he wrote.

Shahbaz warned, “I assure you in definite words that removal of air-conditioner from Nawaz Sharif’s cell will be in direct violation of the medical board’s recommendations and it will adversely affect his already fragile health.”

He said: “The recommendations of medical board should be followed in letter and spirit and no political pressure should be allowed to contravene the rights of the three-time prime minister of Pakistan.” Shahbaz warned of consequences of willful damage to Nawaz’s health, saying “I have no doubt that you truly understand the consequences any deliberate damage to his health shall bear.” He also sent copies of the letter to chief justices of the Supreme Court and Lahore High Court, ACS Home, Government of Punjab, and IG Prisons Punjab

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