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Gross Irregularities intensify

By Dr. Abdullah Islamabad
As the former founder chairman Dr. Attaur Rehman has rightly pointed out the irregularities and gross violations in managing and running the august higher education institution, HEC Islamabad, there are gross irregularities, corrupt practices and DMG style governance rampant in the Higher Education Islamabad, since the induction of Dr. Tariq Banuri, newly appointed selected chairman out of around one hundred candidates. He did not have that qualification and experience either , compared to the earlier heads of the institution. It was a “pick and choose” gift from the person used to live in the US.
The appointments of two senior most officials in the HEC is an evident and proof of gross irregularities and corrupt practice where not only the Executive Director was first removed and a new appointed from NUST. A retired lietenant general has been aswigned the prestigious position where as the research and development programme/division chief Dr. Latif Gondal has left the organisation, once his term was completed and new one appointed as dear one.
Friend’s Wife appointed at R&D Division?
The malpractices in various departments could be judged well by those who have daily interaction with the HEC Islamabad whereas the provincial HECS have too no proper interaction with the federal organisation.  One madam has been appointed without any formal procedure fulfilment and she being the wife of the friend who was a former Bank of Punjab officer.
On the one hand Prime Minister Imran Khan opposes the nepotism and discrimination, urging for fair approach in service and other trades in the government, the governance index, if calculated in HEC it would be worst of its compared to the governance of Dr. Attaur Rehman or Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed. Given the worst scenario the universities who receive grants in different shapes and heads too find it difficult to attain growth and development.
An atmosphere of bureaucratic DC like office’ prevails in the Higher Education. It is difficult for the visitors, academics or researchers to meet the Chairman. Even the media persons have to follow the bureaucratic protocol of meeting and requesting the public relations officer. Informed sources say that the prestigious organisation is sinking and gradually it has gone in to a force of clerical minded officials enjoying the perks and benefits and that too the chairman who was brought in to like an INGO induction.
Former chairman Dr. Attaur Rehman has complained about the curtailment of different programmes of HEC he had initiated and Dr. Mukhtar continued rather added some other programmes but Dr. Tariq Banuri has not only gone far ahead in disallowing and banning such programmes that were related to research, publications and and also in relation to verification and attestation of PhD degrees. Corruption had started when the new chairman Banuri allowed fictitious degrees as “acceptable” related to Al-Khair university, that was in fact not accredited by the HEC.  In the governance of Dr. Mukhtar the same university could never got a proper recognition and was categories as unlawful organisation but that continued issuing degrees and with the induction of the new chairman Dr Banuri, all in thousand, were approved and legal degrees. It was a first ever decision that was not accepted the academia in the country. The ministry of education and the minister remained conspicuously silent over this decision.
The text and monographs were also disbanded by incumbent chief of Higher Education Commission. A programme that was very good and laudable by the faculty members and the universities who used to get their books and material published through the HEC. This too has been closed down.
The research division has been assigned to the lady who has had no relevant experience, hence she being the friend’s wife she was selected without following the relevant and lawful procedure.
This and the  appointment of the Executive Director became two classical irregularities that never looked in to by the Higher Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood of PTI. PM has been urged by the higher education related academia to appoint a high level committee to investigate the irregularities and corrupt practices. Being a suffocated environment in service structure in the country, non of the HEC officials has ever took a pain to lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman or the Ministry of Education/PM’s Public Complaint Cell.

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  • June 3, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    Higher Education Commission must need a change in command to have a better way to address the illness of Higher Education within Pakistan and for those who need to have better education option abroad. After Dr. Atta, the organization is seen as “look busy do nothing”. What are the criteria to be A category institution is abused and what should be the criteria for the better education system is totally ignored? It needs revamping and a complete change from unprofessional to professional attitude towards education in Pakistan.


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