Gas supply situation in city normal Karachi NA Report

Staff Reporter – September, 18, 2019

SSGC categorically dispels the impression created in the media that a low gas pressure situation has developed over the past several days that has severely impacted the supply of gas particularly to the industries in Karachi.

The fact of the matter is that twice since the last five days, overall supply has been affected due to reduced supply from two gas fields, namely Kunar Pasakhi Deep and Naimat Basal fields, due to technical reasons.

On the 14th of September, the Kunar Pasakhi field tripped, reducing its supply to SSGC from the normal 200 MMCFD to 140 MMCFD. Again on Tuesday 17th September, 2019 the Naimat Basal field also tripped and maintained 0 supply for three hours that caused it to reduce gas supply to SSGC from 285 MMCFD to 240 MMCFD daily average, which in turn affected the system pressures. However, the Company managed load by shutting off supplies to the CNG sector as per load management plan for extra 12 hours on 17th September, 2019 that consequently improved the overall supply situation.

SSGC categorically dismisses the impression that it is causing a low pressure situation in the city when as a matter of fact, the issue is emanating from the supply side. On the contrary, the Company, as always, is playing its part to ensure equitable load management so that no category of customers suffers.

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