Gas anti theft row continues

As part of Operation “Grift”,Gas Theft raids: One arrested, many underground and overhead theft unearthed the anti-gas theft campaign, SSGC’s Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations’ (SS and CGTO) Department carried out a raid in North Karachi Area. During the raid, it was observed that the culprits were using gas directly for power generation and supplying electricity to an entire apartment block. Total load obtained was approximately 338 cubic feet per hour (cft/hr) with 2 psig pressure. The direct connection was removed and disconnected. The culprit was arrested and FIR was lodged. Claim will also be raised. The raiding team comprised of comprising of representatives of SSGC’s Customer Relations Department (CRD), Distribution Service and Maintenance (DSM), FIA Cell and SSGC Police.
A joint raid was undertaken in Karachi’s Landhi area during which the culprit was caught using gas directly for power generation to run a service station. Total load obtained was approximately 248 cft/hr with 9 psig pressure. The direct connection was removed and disconnected. The culprit fled from scene just before the raid. Police is searching for the absconder and FIR has been lodged Claim will also be raised. In Karachi, CRD Task Force conducted raids against culprits invoked in gas theft in the Gizri area of Clifton. Eighty four culprits out of which 50 were non-gasified and 24 registered users were found stealing gas from SSGC pipeline through rubber pipes. All rubber pipes and fittings used for illegal extension of gas was removed. A similar raid was carried on 58 non-registered and registered users stealing gas in Agra Taj Colony in Lyari, Karachi.

HYDERABAD: In Hyderabad, the SS and CGTO raiding team raided a culprit using domestic gas for commercial usage. The meter was suspected to be tampered. Connected Load was estimated at 170 cft/hr with a 4 Psig pressure. During the raid, the team also removed the meter and killed the service line.
In Hyderabad, a number of underground theft clamps were unearthed from several houses by the raiding parties operating in Qasimabad, Amani Shah Colony in Latifabad, Zafar Housing Scheme, Gulshan-e-Hamid, Wahdat Colony, and nearby villages including Gul Mohammad Chalgri, Hatri, Haji Rustom Mullah and Karan Khan Shoro.

LARKANA: In Larkana, the Distribution Department’s Theft Control Task Force detected theft through underground clamps and overhead rubber pipes in Noor Muhammad Shaikh Colony, Hata Muhallah Mehar, Dakhan Brohi, Hatri and Haq Bahoo Muhallah in Jacobabad.

NAWABSHAH: In Nawabshah, 30 houses illegally using gas from direct line through clamps had their connections dismantled in a raid led by SSGC’s Regional Office Nawabshah. Similar raids were undertaken in Naushero Feroze and Moro and several underground clamps were removed.

QUETTA: SS& CGTO Quetta team carried out two raids in Quetta and surrounding areas against commercial customers using tampered meters. Meters were disconnected and sent for lab testing. Total connected load was found to be 870 cubic feet per hour.

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