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Officials urged ICCIA to call AGM in Islamabad

Karachi. . (Staff Report)

The Executive Committee Officials of the FPCCI urged Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA) President, H.E Shaikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel to fix the next Board of Directors meeting in Islamabad as per the earlier schedule of ICCIA.

FPCCI Executive Commitee Member and Former Vice President, Mirza Abdul Rehman said due to non-serious attitude ,and irresponsible behaviour of the Federation Chambers, the participants of Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA) have shown the door to Pakistan apex trade body in its meeting held at Cairo, even they didn’t  share the minutes of meeting with the FPCCI.

He said Secretary General FPCCI went to Cairo to attend Islamic Chamber of Commerce meeting without taking prior approval of the President FPCCI which was a great embarrassment for Pakistan at such an important forum, because President or Senior Vice President would have to attend the vent where all heads of Islamic Countries Chambers were there. In response ICCIA have shown serious reservation on the attitude of the FPCCI and they think that Pakistan apex body not been serious rather casual towards ICCIA.

In response ICCIA have also called off the coming session which is scheduled in Islamabad for next October, where Prime Minister of Pakistan or Foreign Minister at the minimum side may inaugurate the session,  where all the Presidents of Chambers of Islamic Countries will be invited along with a panel of leading businessmen of their respective countries will be there, but FPCCI missed this golden opportunity and once again United Business Group (UBG) leadership, ruling one was a main hurdle.

The FPCCI EC Member said Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is an affiliated organ of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and represents the private sector of 57 member countries. In the Seventh Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, held in Istanbul from May 22-25, 1976 approved the common aspirations of the Islamic countries to promote and enhance commercial and industrial cooperation among the Islamic World by setting up an organization / institution that would assemble the business organizations of the Islamic countries.

In line with the significance of this resolution, particularly at the level of the private sector, of the Islamic Countries, the first Conference of the Chambers of Commerce & Industry of the Islamic States was held in Istanbul from October 17 21, 1977.  During the said Conference, a Resolution for unanimously adopted for establishing the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. Thereafter, on the offer of the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Headquarters of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture was initially established in 1979 in Karachi.

Mirza Rehman urged the Foreign Minister of Pakistan to look into this matter and seek the latest situation from the President FPCCI so the Government of Pakistan could ensure that scheduled session in Islamabad not be called off and the apprehensions of the ICCIA may be well taken care off, because right now Pakistan needs investment and business friendly environment for its growth.

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