Fisherman catches two gigantic manta rays

A fisherman on Wednesday caught two giant manta rays weighing 750 kg and 250 kg off the coast of Karnataka in India.

According to the details, the fisherman caught the giant manta rays when he was fishing in deep sea in Mangaluru off the Maalpe port. When he returned to the harbor, a crane had to be arranged to shift the rays into a truck.

Karnataka Fishermen’s Association former president Yathish Baikampady said, “This big catch is not too common nor is it too rare. The size may vary but they are caught fairly regularly.”

He added that this was one of the largest hauls in the port of Malpe after deep-sea fishing was allowed recently.

Earlier in July, a giant fish weighing nearly 800 kilograms was caught off Digha coast near the Odisha-Bengal border by a group of fishermen, Times Now News reported.

According to reports, the fish was 8 feet long and 5 feet wide and called ‘Shankar fish’ or ‘Chilshankar’ by the locals. It was sold for a whopping Rs 50,000 to a fishing trade firm in West Bengal.

Experts said it belonged to a rare species that has never been seen by local fishermen before. Due to its enormous size and weight, ropes were used to move it from the beach.

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