‘Egg boy’ donates Aus$100,000 to Christchurch mosque attack survivors

William Connolly, an Australian teenager better known as ‘Egg Boy’, has donated almost Aus$100,000 ($69,000) to the survivors of Christchurch mosque attack, he said in an Instagram post.

Connolly cracked an egg on the head of Fraser Anning, an Australian far-right senator, one day after the horrific attacks in New Zealand. Anning had blamed the attack that killed 50 people on immigration.

Two GoFundMe pages were set up for Connolly to help with his legal fees after he was taken away by police following the egging incident. He was released after being cautioned and he had promised to donate money from the GoFundMe pages to those affected in the attack.

In an Instagram post, Connolly wrote: ” Finally!!! After a huge amount of red tape, $99,922.36 has today been transferred to the Christchurch Foundation and Victims Support.

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