‘Diplomatic missions’- KSA, USA on one page

By Nematullah Bukhari

Riyadh: Kingdom of Saudi Arab (KSA) and Israel has started negotiations for setting up their respective diplomatic missions in each other country.

Foreign Missions of KSA and Israel on dictation of United States of America (USA) and Great Britain (GB) have initiated work in this respect, foreign missions’ insiders of both countries have claimed.

It is believed that ‘Free Mason’ organisation is also an active member behind this development.

Recent-past visit of USA President, Donald Trump to KSA is also hallmark in this connection, international political analysts have remarked.

Current USA military set up in KSA and growing economic relations between two states are one of valid reasons, they asserted.

“It is an attempt to ‘drag down’ Palestinians’ freedom struggle and liberating their motherland from clutches of Israel”, they opined.

Historical fact: After downfall of ‘Ottoman Caliphate’ and exile of Sultan Abdul Hameed besides bargaining on Palestinian land with Lawrence of Arabia, later Israeli state came into being.

Before ‘Ottoman Caliphate’, Arab land was known as ‘Hijaz’ and Palestinian state was one of its integral parts.

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