Deforestation is killing environment

A “FORESTS DEFENDERS Group”, a private public service organization says that for deforestation society must be vigilant and play a strong role that,would help more tree,plantation. Kazi Athar advocate who is engaged in a law battle in Sindh urged every member of society to keep a vigilant eye in his surroundings and do not allow deforestation. He is in his Constitution Petition 52 of 2018 days that it is the biggest case in environmental history of our country. in this case most influential persons are being invoked like, former President of Pakistan, Federal and Provincial Ministers, Senators, Parliamentarians, Judges, Civil & Military bureaucracy and land developers particularly Bahria Towns are Forest grabbers. The apex court has taken up this issue on priority and cancelled all types of leases and issued directives to retrieve 90% of total Forest Cover/Land 2875334 acres.
It was so in the past that no one dare to come forward against the elite and most powerful class of the country.

The issue of deforestation is more  important to any other issues – because without Forests we can’t protect our pristine environment and facing worst and very serious Climate Changes particularly happens in our country as a result of this our glaciers are melting and sea level is rising. It also increases level of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. An organised business is seen visibly where forests are razed by certain politically influential families .These corrupt political persons enjoy support from district management. Due to this deforestation one could hardly see any trees on riversm and canal banks or on road sides countrywide particularly in Sindh.

Formerly Mayor Karachi metropolis accused of massive spacious trees cutting and planting 2.2 millions non-environment friendly “Carno-Carpus” which leads to increasing level of carbon dioxide as a result due to deadly heatwaves more than 3500 citizens has la st their valuable lives by last three years on the account of mega corruption behind planting Carno-Carpus. Kazi Athar Ali expressed his determination for green Pakistan for future generations and said public mobilization is surely needed in our society so that trees are protected from anyone causing damage to environment

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