Debate on India’s Kashmir move continues in parliament

Islamabad: The debate on India’s unilateral and illegal move in occupied Kashmir continued in the parliament during a joint session after the disputed region’s autonomous status was revoked.

The session deliberated on the Indian government’s move to revoke Article 370 of the Indian Constitution which granted special status to the occupied region of Jammu and Kashmir.

Urging the United Nations (UN) to play its role in resolving the Kashmir issue, Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari said, “India has committed a war crime.”

“India has blatantly violated its own constitution, UN resolutions and international laws.”

The human rights minister further said that India was committing grave human rights violations in Kashmir and breaching the 2003 ceasefire agreement between the two nations by using cluster munitions on the civilian population residing along the Line of Control (LoC).

“The violence India is carrying out in Kashmir is clearly ethnic cleansing and genocide.”


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