China to map faces of Uyghur Muslims with a blood point and DNA

Robert Frank – December 04, 2019

The Chinese persecution of the Uyghur Muslims minority does not seem to be just at the border of the concentration camps. A report quoted by the site “free” New York Times, on Tuesday, that China is drawing a map of the shape of the faces of citizens of Uygur depending on DNA, which involved research centers in Western countries as well.

Image from scientific research showing how to form a male and female face depending on DNA.

China has made Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, particularly in Tumxuk City, more like mice to test its development system to facilitate the follow-up of this minority, collecting blood samples extensively to test the face-building system based on a drop of blood.

Although it seems imaginative to know the human form through only one drop of blood, scientists have come up with a process called “DNA phenotyping” that allows them to analyze DNA and know the basic characteristics of a person, such as skin color and eye color, and thus recon Innstruct the shape of his face using Three-dimensional images.

The report pointed out that the development of this technology is not only in China, as there is vigorous work to race for access in the United States and other Western countries, but the conduct of Chinese experiments in the Uyghur Muslims areas raises doubts that the aim is racial profiling and the development of forms of discrimination against Muslims, Who are already suffering persecution under the Chinese government.

Experts fear that China will use the system in the long run, especially if it is activated with facial recognition through surveillance cameras scattered across the country, and if a face-building map based on DNA is added, it will mean that it is building a system that will strengthen its grip. Society and maximize its ability to go after opponents and demonstrators.

Surprisingly, some Chinese scientists are working in laboratories of the Ministry of Interior, but some workers under the umbrella of the Chinese Ministry of Technology have received support from European scientific institutions. Without going into depth to identify the origin of the DNA used in conducting these studies, or even taking into account the moral reservations concerning the collection of blood samples from citizens living in Xinjiang.

One study suggests that some people from the city of Tumxuk provided blood samples for research willingly, but it is known that the people of this area are persecuted and have no other decision than to agree to what the authorities ask, especially those in the concentration camps and forcible health checks.

According to the report’s authors, Chinese authorities prevented them from interviewing Tumxuk residents, and even many of the city’s residents disappeared.

According to scientists and human rights activists, the Chinese authorities are exploiting genomics research on the study of genetic material and harnessing it for questionable purposes. With the ability to rebuild faces, the Chinese authorities will have a scientific genetic tool to consolidate its authority over Uygur, having collected “Even apart from this minority, China has the largest DNA database in the world with about 80 million samples”, the report says.

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