CAA reinstates removed employee after four years

By Nasir Mahmood

The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has reinstated its employee Arshad Ikram who was earlier removed from service under the charge of submitting forged diploma and getting up-gradation dishonestly.

According to detail Additional Director HR (PM) Bashir Ahmed Shaikh recently issued a letter to Arshad Ikram, Superintendent Grade II (SG-10) for acceptance of his appeal against award of major penalty “Removal from service”.

The letter informed that competent authority i.e. Director Human Resource, perused his submissions and relevant record whereat guilt of submitting Forged Diploma (DAE) and getting up-gradation to the then PG-05 dishonestly on the basis same impugned qualification stand established beyond any shadow doubt. However, considering the quantum of above stated guilt the Competent Authority is pleased to reconsider the major penalty awarded to him.

The major penalty of “Removal from Service” is being converted into minor penalty “Withholding of Increment for a period of two years” under Regulation No.7 (a) (2) of Civil Aviation Authority (Efficiency & Discipline) Regulations-2014 with effect from the date of joining the duty. “Accordingly, you are reinstated in CAA service with effect from the date of imposition of major penalty i.e. 19th January 2015”, the letter stated.

However, intervening period till the date of your joining shall be adjusted with leave balance available at your credit and rest of the period, if any shall be treated as EOL (without pay and allowances) for record purposes, it added.

It may be mentioned here that Arshad Ikram was removed from service on 19th January 2015. He had filed appeal against this order on 17th October 2016 while reinstating letter was issued on 29th March 2019, informed sources disclosed

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