Brig Raja. Selling State Secrets charges proved and punished

Islamabad – (NA Report)
Brigadier Raja Rizwan, who was awarded death penalty found instrumental in selling Pakistan’s state secrets. According to sources he was based in Berlin as defense attaché, previously posted in Vienna Austria. He was involved in selling highly classified military secrets /operational details to RAW, Desk at Indian High Commission in Berlin. He handed over sensitive details for mere US$ 2+ millions to RAW operators in Europe, and Indian High Commission Berlin. Raja Rizwan also ran a private arms business company from Germany, selling arms to Africa. His close acquaintance in Berlin, a Pakistani Dr. (T) worked jointly. In addition shared EU arms deals with Pakistan,Radar systems and future planning of defense contracts of Pakistan. Worst part is Brig Raja went inside Indian HC building Berlin twice to share details of classified Data/Maps/verbal. Money temptation forced them do anything even selling national secrets to Pakistan’s worst enemy. He was arrested in Islamabad after ISI counter intelligence operation after nany moths of wrangling, but damage was already done. The fair trial and punishment, duly endorsed by COAS stands out to be a great signal across for those who are playing in the hands of enemies of Pakistan. People of different walks of life have widely appreciated. The chambers of commerce leaders, social leaders and trade community, academia and legal fraternity has demanded full action against anti Pakistan elements.

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