Anti-gas theft drive – SSGC achieve two major prosecution successes

Karachi: The Sindh High Court in Karachi has rejected the pre-arrest bail application of accused Ghulam Murtaza nominated in an FIR filed by SSGC for stealing gas. In Larkana, Gas Utility Court also rejected the pre-arrest bail application of accused Ghulam Nadir Ali Khoso nominated in FIR lodged in Civil Lines Police Station. The accused was found using direct gas for power generation through heavy engine for commercial purposes.

In Karachi, the Intelligence Wing of SSGC’s Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operation’s (SS and CGTO) conducted 12 joint raids with representatives of the Company’s Customer Relations Department, SSGC Police and field teams in North Karachi area. The culprits were using domestic connections for running press boilers for garment manufacturing and power generation purposes. Total load against these connections obtained was approximately over 2,170 cubic feet per hour (cft/hr). Meters and Regulators were removed and sent for lab testing and gas supply was disconnected. Claims will be lodged. A similar joint raid was undertaken in the old city area where the culprit was found using gas directly for a hotel through a rubber pipe installed on disconnected meter point. Total load obtained was approximately 225 cft/hr. Direct connection was disconnected. FIR was lodged and claim will also be raised.

The CGTO teams also conducted raids in Hyderabad where culprits were using domestic gas connection for commercial purposes including power generation for selling electricity, and for operating a road side hotel. Raids were also conducted in Sukkur against offenders using gas for commercial purposes through direct line. In yet another raid, Larkana Distribution (Theft Control Task Force) detected underground theft and removed clamps in a number of villages in Shikarpur and adjoining areas.

And in Quetta’s Sariab area, SSGC’s Distribution Department raided a site of a water hydrant where a 200 KVA Genset was running on gas by using a direct tap. The Company’s SS and CGTO team consequently lodged an FIR against the culprit.

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