Another success of SSGC on legal front: Sindh High Court dismisses bail application of gas thieve

SSGC achieved yet another success at the legal front. Justice Amjad Ali Sahito, an honourable judge of Sindh High Court has dismissed the bail application of accused Omar Muhammad S/o Sada Bahar of District West, Karachi. He was illegally running the loom machines through direct use of gas for industrial purpose by deploying 18.5 KW generator to produce the electricity in Ittahad Town, Badlia, Karachi. The culprit was nominated in Gas Theft FIR vide FIR # 15/ 2019. 

As Company’s routine practice, number of raids were conducted by SS&CGTO along with CRD team and SSGC Police in coordination with local forces in different areas of Sindh. These joint raids were conducted against gas thieves at Lakhi area of Shikarpur, Paliyo Gopang and Drib Area of Larkana, Noshehro Feroz and Sher Shah in Karachi. The culprits were stealing gas by rubber pipes directly clamped with gas distribution line. Raiding team took these rubber pipe and other articles that were being used in gas theft in its custody. FIRs were lodged against the miscreants.

It is again stressed by the Chief of Counter Gas Theft Operation (CGTO) Brigadier (R) Muhammad Abuzar that Company has zero tolerance for gas thieves. SSGC will continue its operation Girifth against the gas thieves with full vigor and dedication, he reiterated. 

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